Last year around this time I felt very lucky to visit Israel and a close friend of mine at the same time. Going through the pictures brought back memories and all kinds of emotions I felt through places I experienced, people I met and conversations I had.

The idea of a series consisting of four prints was born. Facing the current situation in quarantine, I limited myself to the material I had at home. I felt both challenged and excited to explore the possibilities.

Especially the striking shapes of the buildings in Tel Aviv along with the contrasting light, inspired me to produce prints with only a small set of colours and simple shapes. I still remember how the Judaen Desert just left me stunned. Its vastness and beauty truly took my breath away while the sand shimmered like pure Gold. As part of my journey, Yad Vashem touched me deeply and I couldn’t help but leaving it in tears. The Holocaust History Museum in Jerusalem was designed by Moshe Safdie on Mount Herzl, the Mount of Remembrance, to keep the memory of the Holocaust relevant today and for future generations.

All prints from the series “Otherwise April” are handstamped with cut foam and screenprint ink on natural cardboard. I contributed my series to the QuaranZine, a digital community-organised collaboration with the goal of bringing together art during the Covid-19 pandemic. All donations go directly to Covid-19 relief funds. If you like what you see, please take a minute to support a new artist: